About Organto

We are passionate and driven to deliver the best possible products and services to all stakeholders and ultimately the consumers.

Engagement is a key aspect of our strategy that cuts across each focus area: People, Sourcing, Environment and Communities. For those focus areas to achieve their commitments, a high degree of stakeholder engagement is required.

Our approach encompasses all key stakeholder groups, taking into account their interests and how we need to regularly engage with them: customers, employees, business partners and suppliers, regulators, investors and analysts, communities, industry organizations, and media.

Rients van der Wal
Co-CEO Organto Foods Inc. & CEO Organto Europe
Peter Thibaudier
CFO Organto Europe
Elke Schroevers
Marketing Director
O U R O R G A N I C > > P E O P L E
Ana Cristina de La Campa
General Manager LATAM & On-line Business Development Manager
Sander Barnhoorn
Marketing Manager
Hugo Vermeulen
Strategic Advisor
Ine Potting
Business Development
Mariano Sambucetti
Business Development Manager
Michel de Jong
Senior Sales Manager
Hakan Ocaktar
Procurement & Sales Manager
Paolo Pugno
Technical Manager
Martje Raaijmakers
Commercial Support Manager
Kim van der Wal
Social Media & Online Marketing Manager
Thomas Plakké
Retail & Food Service Strategy & Concept Development
Jeroen Willard
Investor Relations & Business Development
Mike Reuselaars
Managing Director Bee Organic
Wilco Heemskerk
Managing Director Fresh Organic Choice
Coen Rombouts
Finance Manager
Mees Som de Cerff
Financial Controller