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Recapping Record Q1 Financial Results And Strategy To Deal With Supply Chain Issues and Higher Prices - Mon 6 June, 2022

Steve Bromley, President and CEO of Organto Foods (TSX.V:OGO – OTCQB:OGOFF) joins Cory Fleck of Kereport to recap

the record Q1 results from the Company and outlook for the remainder of the year.

Q1 was strong across the board for the Company. Steve outline how the different product lines performed in the quarter and a couple areas that were hampered by issues and conflicts around the world.

A key aspect is looking ahead to how the Company is dealing with supply chain issues and inflation. Steve shares the Corporate strategy to tackle these issues that are expected to remain for a while.

Recapping 2021 Growth Through Internal Brand Development and Acquisition, Plus A 2022 Outlook - Fri 11 February, 2022

Steve Bromley, Co-CEO and Chairman of Organto Foods (TSX.V:OGO – OTCQB:OGOFF) joins Cory Fleck of Kereport to recap the key growth events for the Company in 2021 and provide insights into where growth will come from in 2022.

We start by discussing the 3 acquisition made last year and how these are progressing. The recent acquisition of Zimbabwe Marketing Services also helps to diversify the Company geographically. We also check in on the internal brands that are now moving to a “full launch” level. To wrap up the call we look ahead to this year and the key drivers that will continue to grow revenues for Organto.

Organto Foods – A focus on the high-margin company brands relaunch and acquisitions – Thu 7 oct, 2021

Steve Bromely, Co-CEO and Chairman of Organto Foods (TSX.V:OGO – OTC:OGOFF) joins Cory Fleck of Kereport to recap recent news on the Company’s Brands; I AM Organic, Fresh Organic Choice, and the new acquisition of Beeorganics. These Brands are important for the Company as they provide higher margins. Starting with the re-launch of the I AM Organic brand and partnership with Gorillas (a fast growing on-demand grocery delivery service). the Company is also incorporating it’s product passport into these products by using a QR code. This QR code leads consumers into a 100% transparent digital experience, providing product details such as product origin, mode of transport, carbon footprint, social impact, nutritional profile, recipe inspiration and usage tips.

We then discuss the Fresh Organic Choice brand that is in stores and has been growing since the acquisition back in January. Also a new acquisition announced on September 29th of the Beeorganic brand. Steve explaines how these brand continue to build out the Company’s strategy on it’s internal brands.

Organto Foods – Record Q2 revenue and income, acquisition of additional product lines and a processing plant agreement in the last few months

Steve Bromley, Co-CEO and Chairman of Organto Foods (TSX.V:OGO – OTC:OGOFF) joins Cory Fleck of Kereport to recap a flurry of news released by the Company over the past 3 months. The news reported everything from Q2 financial results, new product lines added, a processing line agreement, and a base shelf prospectus to assist in any further acquisitions. We also get an update on the Company’s internal Brands, that are higher margin, and any further acquisitions.

$4.7 million, Q2 estimate of $7.2 million, where this growth is coming from

Steve Bromley, Co-CEO and Chairman of Organto Foods (TSX.V:OGO – OTC:OGOFF) joins Cory Fleck of Kereport to recap the recent financial results for Q1 and the revenue estimates for Q2 and the full year. The Company is experiencing substantial revenue growth so we focus on what areas of the Company will contribute to this growth in the near term.

Organto foods – recapping financial results from 2020 showing over a 200% increase in revenue and a couple new supply agreements - Mon 03 May, 2021

Steve Bromely about a busy month of April for the Company. On top of the best financial results out of the Company there was also news on two new supply deals and an update on the Company’s subsidiary Fresh Organic Choice

Organto Foods - Answering your questions on cashflow, margins and growth opportunities - Wed 10 March, 2021.

Steve Bromly, Co-CEO and Chairman of Organto Foods (TSX.V:OGO) joins me for a follow up interview to answer some questions that came in focused on earnings, margins, and growth opportunities.

Exclusive company introduction on radio - Mon 22 feb, 2021.

Organto Foods - Introducing this fresh organic good provider on track to cash flow positive this year.

Video of our Organto Shareholder update webinar - May 2021

Video of our Investor Webinar - February 2021